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COACHING - "The Art of the Bookable Read"
$200/hr (full 
60 mins) or 
$700 for 4 sessions

Audition Prep - $3.50/min (min $70)

Via Zoom

Whether the part is wacky and comedic, a bombastic villain, or more true to life, I agree with one of my first teachers, Sanford Meisner, that "acting is living truthfully under given imaginary circumstances" - even when the voiceprint is extreme.  Sometimes in voice acting it's a heightened reality - but truthful elements must be there as well to help the audience become comfortable believing your character could actually exist in the imaginary world they live in.

Casting doesn't want you to shrug your shoulders and say 'it's JUST a cartoon' when you send in your audition.  Your humanity - understanding of the psychology of your character - and your relationships with the people in the scene with you (who often don't have actors physically there to play them) have to draw them in - even when voicing a creature. 

When we work together, we'll explore how to realistically express a character’s personality so it feels like you’re ‘at home’ in a scene, the crucial difference between voiceprint and character, technical elements of comedic timing, how to be sure you're telling the story the writers are trying to tell while making the part your own, and how to improve your ability to self-direct for auditions.


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