If you're in the first few years of your voice acting career, or need to let the industry know you've made progress,  you need strong character and commercial voice acting demos ready to attract a good agent and to interest Casting Directors who don't know you... Some split off video game performances into a separate demo when their budget allows.

Please listen to a demo or two I've directed and produced, then read on...


Kailey Bray - Character -
John Carter - Short Demo -
Jeff Campbell - Character -
Molly Daisy - Character -
Michael DeCamp - Character -
Dorah Fine - Interactive -
Mark Haan - Character -
Michele Haines - Character -
Scott Laverty - Character -
Ryan Levy - Character -
Annie Micera - Character -
Annie Micera - Commercial -
Afi Rukavina - Character -
Michael Vajdic - Character -
Talon Warburton - Character -
Christopher Ward - Character -

I produce demos that show off your unique voice talent.  They include music and sfx as appropriate, but your voice acting is always the most important element.  I want the industry to get a clear idea of what you have to offer so I won't be upstaging your performance with too much production.

My process is a little different than most... I won't throw you into the studio right away. We'll have a prep meeting over Zoom a few days before we record to identify your most marketable characters in advance without the pressure of recording or the risk you'll tire your voice out before your work ever gets through the mic.  For Character Demos, I write original scripts with you during the demo prep, OR if you thrive at improv, I'll banter with your characters in the studio and guide you toward a great performance.  And we can always combine scripted and non-scripted characters depending on your comfort level and your brand.  My interactive (game) demos are always scripted.  Commercial demos use actual copy from ads that have aired in the past.

Next, we'll work together (in-person or remotely anywhere in the world) in a two-hour recording session .  Since we've had a prep, we can focus on direction - really NAILING the characters - and finding the right energy for your performances. I'll be honest, but kind... and there's no pressure to get it right instantly because most of the two hours is available to revisit the characters we met in the prep. Editing happens later!  You're not gonna hear "that's great" from me until I know we've recorded a bookable performance.  Sometimes that happens quickly, sometimes that takes time and direction, but two hours is almost always plenty.

Last step.... I don't hand your work off to someone else to edit like many demo producers. I carefully edit each demo personally. I'll select only your very best, most marketable work from our recording session, edit it into a professional demo of VO only, then have my music and sfx team do their magic to my specifications.  These days, I'm moving toward producing demos between 1:00 and 1:20 because the agents are requesting that length.  We always record more than we'll need.  But if any changes are needed after your demo is delivered requiring additional recording time I can offer an additional one hour session plus the additional editing without extra fees except the studio costs (apx. $150 an hour).


Includes a demo prep of up to two hours (via Zoom only) - a 2 hour recording session directed by me in-person or remotely, expertly engineered by Tim Friedlander at Soundbox LA for Los Angeles sessions or via Zoom / Source Connect from your home booth. I can also book a studio anywhere in the world for our session for you (included in the price) if you don't have a broadcast quality home booth or want to work in-studio outside Los Angeles.  Price also includes my personal editing - SFX created especially for your demo where appropriate - music (also selected to highlight your specific characters- no 'cookie cutter' music) - I also consult with you after the initial pass to make sure you and your agent feel comfortable with the edits / order / music and sfx.   

* PLEASE NOTE.... Fees are due by the day of the prep session and are non-refundable .  Demos are delivered 3 weeks after the recording session.



AUDITION PREP: $3/min - $60 minimum

I work with actors exploring Western Animation, video games, and live action voice roles using my own techniques and a modified version of Meisner Technique.  That allows us to explore a heightened reality in animation, along with a more traditional realism in video games / live action film / tv.

The goal is to answer the question, “Do I believe you?”   Some achieve believability via the voiceprint and work into telling the story from there... others start with telling the story and the voiceprint surfaces naturally... I work to find the best approach for you.

Meisner described acting as ‘living truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.’’  Roles voice actors play require theatrical realism for much of the CGI work done on live action tv, film and games.  Often in animation it’s that ‘heightened’ reality I mentioned - especially for comedic roles. The voice print is important, but sometimes you’ll realize it finds you rather than you having to put it on when you play characters rather than ‘doing’ voices.

I explore how to achieve all that with my students by thinking of our scripts as movie or tv live action roles where all the imaginary circumstances have to be filled in for the characters to be compelling.

Every student comes to me with different levels of experience.  I get a sense of where you’re at, and go from there!

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