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If you're in the first few years of your voice acting career, or need to let the industry know you've made progress,  you need strong character and commercial voice acting demos ready to attract a good agent and interest Casting Directors who don't know you.  Some actors have a separate video game (interactive) demo produced when their budget allows.

Please listen to a demo or two I've directed and produced, then read on...


Kailey Bray - Character -
John Carter - Short Demo -
Jeff Campbell - Character -
Molly Daisy - Character -
Michael DeCamp - Character -
Dorah Fine - Interactive -
Mark Haan - Character -
Michele Haines - Character -
Scott Laverty - Character -
Ryan Levy - Character -
Annie Micera - Character -
Annie Micera - Commercial -
Afi Rukavina - Character -
Michael Vajdic - Character -
Talon Warburton - Character -
Christopher Ward - Character -

I produce demos that show off your unique voice talent.  They include music and sfx as appropriate, but your voice acting is always the most important element.  I want the industry to get a clear idea of what you have to offer so I won't be upstaging your performance with too much production.

I won't throw you into the studio right away. We'll have a prep meeting over Zoom a few days before we record to identify your most marketable characters in advance without the pressure of recording or the risk you'll tire your voice out before your work ever gets through the mic.  For Character Demos, I write original scripts with you during the demo prep time (usually two sessions of one hour each on separate days), OR if you thrive at improv, I'll banter with your characters in the studio and guide you toward a great performance.  We can always combine scripted and non-scripted characters depending on your comfort level and your brand.  My interactive (game) demos are 100% scripted.

Next, we'll work together (in-person or remotely anywhere in the world) in a two-hour recording session .  Since you've had a prep, we can focus on direction - really NAILING the characters - and finding the right energy for your performances. I'll be honest, but kind... and there's no pressure to get it right instantly because most of the two hours is available to revisit the characters we met in the prep.  You're not gonna hear "that's great" from me until I know we've recorded a bookable performance.  Sometimes that happens quickly, sometimes it takes time and direction, but two hours is almost always enough.

Last step.... I select only your very best, most marketable work from our recording session, edit it into a professional demo of VO only, then have my music and sfx team do their magic to my specifications.  Demo length is between 1:00 and 1:20.   

We always record more than we'll need.  If any changes are needed after your demo is delivered requiring additional recording time, I can offer another one hour session plus the additional editing time free of charge, except for the studio/engineering fees, if needed ($150-$200 an hour).

I've partnered with Jodi Gottlieb for Commercial demos.  She starts the process with you with an hour long coaching session where she gets a sense of your brand and selects real commercial copy to work on with you.  Then, Jodi and I discuss your unique way of working and what material would be most marketable for you include in your commercial demo.  I edit the scripts and then we'll meet up to rehearse and finalize the text via Zoom.

Next (for all three types of demos) we book a 2 hour recording session directed remotely by me, and expertly engineered either in studio at VoiceTrax West on Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles, remotely from your home studio with VoiceTrax West engineers, or recorded at a local studio where you live.

I can find a pro studio for you almost anywhere for our session (included in the price) if you don't have a broadcast quality home booth or want to work in a pro studio outside Los Angeles. 

We'll be in touch after the initial pass to make sure you and your agent feel comfortable with the edits / order / music and sfx.   



Includes additional coaching and script selection with legendary commercial director Jodi Gottlieb


PLEASE NOTE - Fees are due before the prep sessions and are non-refundable.  

Demos are delivered 3 weeks after the recording session.


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